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Dr. Pushpa Chandra is a Vancouver-based Naturopathic Physician. She worked for over 27 years as a registered nurse and 22 years at BC's Children's Hospital, working in critical care with the province's sickest children. Her interests include research in circadian rhythm disruption, sports medicine and pediatrics. A competitive sports enthusiast, she has completed ultramarathons and marathons in all 7 continents. As a shift worker she has been using the ingredients of AWAKE and ASLEEP to boost her performance, endurance and overall health.

May 01

Nursing: a vocation for exploitation?

By Dr Pushpa Chandra

As we ​approach Nurses Week 201​9, in Canada, we discover that working conditions are far from ideal within the profession. Widespread fatigue, poor health and fear of making mistakes prompt the question: who is taking care of the caregivers? Nurse fatigue: who is taking care of the caregivers? Click to Tweet The situation, throughout North […]

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