How to stay alert on night shift - and get restorative sleep when you need it

Introducing two new doctor-formulated natural products
designed to promote good health
while mitigating the harmful effects of shift working.

"AWAKE and ASLEEP are amazing! Completely natural, high quality ingredients, non-addictive and containing no caffeine."

Do you suffer from fatigue?
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Do you suffer from memory loss, 'foggy brain' at work? Do you have difficulty sleeping? These are just some of the many negative effects of shift work that are well documented. But there are many more problems associated with sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm disruption.

Many shift workers complain of ill-health, tiredness and other problems but, did you also know that shift work can shorten your life by ten years and, if you are a woman, make you much more susceptible to breast cancer?

Hi! I'm Dr Pushpa Chandra

I have launched two products - AWAKE and ASLEEP - deisgned to mitigate the effects of circadian rhythm disruption and promote good health.

As a shift working nurse in ICU at a children's hospital for over 25 years, I am well aware of the effects it had on my health, my work performance and my relationships. That's why I'm commited to helping all shift workers to have a longer, healthier life.

Research shows conclusively that if you work shifts, you are risking your health, happiness, relationships and longevity if you do nothing to guard against it.

AWAKE and ASLEEP are designed to help preserve your health and prevent some of the common symptoms showing up either now or later in your working life.

Shift work requires that your body tries to reverse its natural clock (your circadian rhythm).

It cannot.

Trying to do so leaves you effectively jet-lagged. Your work performance suffers, you may make more mistakes and you may be a danger on the road when you drive home at the end of your shift, just like a drunk driver.

How do AWAKE and ASLEEP work? Find out about their benefits, and what their ingredients do.

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  • What the ingredients do

Awake is doctor-formulated with clinically proven ingredients to help support mental stamina and performance. This comprehensive all-natural, caffeine-free formulation supports cognitive function and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

Recommended dose: Adults: 2 capsules 1 time per day. Take at the beginning of a work shift, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Take with a meal containing oil/fat. Do not use if you are pregnant.

  • Benefits
  • Ingredients
  • Cautions
  • What the ingredients do

Asleep is doctor-formulated with clinically proven natural ingredients to help increase total sleep time and improve overall restorative sleep. It is designed to help those suffering from a restricted or altered sleep schedule. Helps relieve fatigue associated with shift work and jet lag and helps reset the body’s sleep/wake cycle.

Recommended dose: Adults: 2 capsules 1 time per day. Take at or before bedtime. Do not drive or use machinery for 5 hours after use.

AWAKE and ASLEEP are good for you!

They not only help promote alertness at work and restorative sleep at home, but they also promote good health in every organ of your body.
  • All natural ingredients. All of our ingredients are natural and have been used for their restorative and health qualities for many years.
  • Best quality ingredients. While some products may boast similar ingredients, few are like AWAKE and ASLEEP in that they only contain the best you can buy. That means that each dose you take is more power-packed with goodness.
  • Health Canada approved. You can be assured that AWAKE and ASLEEP are not only doctor-formulated, but they have passed rigorous scrutiny to achieve Health Canada approval.

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