How to get energy, endurance, performance and restorative sleep—all in natural balance


As an actress and a mother, I was concerned to get quality sleep when I was working late night hours at the theatre, followed by early mornings when I must look after my toddler. Since taking AWAKE and ASLEEP, I have felt very energized throughout the day, especially leading up to performance time. They have ensured that even though my hours of rest are cut down, I get quality sleep!

These products are an excellent way to make the most out of your job while not compromising your health. It is so comforting to know these are not on medications with dangerous side effects. I would highly recommend AWAKE and ASLEEP to anyone who works hours outside of a 9-5 job.

Meghan Gardiner Actress ('Dissolve', 'Love Bomb') and mother

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  • ​Proven performance
  • ​Evidence-based ingredients

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Only the best natural ingredients

​Here's just a small sample

​Rhodiola (in Awake)

​Bacopa Monnieri (in Awake)

​Schisandra (in Awake)

​​Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthrococcus) (in Awake)

​Ashwagandha (in A​sleep)

​Melatonin (in A​sleep)

​​GABA (in A​sleep)

​​L- Theanine (in A​sleep)

I feel healthier, stronger, and younger


I work in a school and I typically miss many school days due to illness and inability to sleep. However, this year thanks to my Awake and Asleep supplements, I have not missed a single day of work! I sleep much better and I feel invigorated during the day. I feel healthier, stronger, and younger; my improved sleep and increased stamina have done me wonders!

Mary Smith School counselor

Tested on over 500 marathons—Dr Pushpa Chandra’s incredible 40-year journey

​In her most recent event, Dr Pushpa Chandra ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days—in 16 different time zones and flying for 52 hours. Fatigue, lack of focus, stress and jet lag were major challenges, which were all mitigated by the powerful adaptogenic properties of Awake and Asleep.

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Beautiful performance, beastly schedule

Members of the cast of Beauty and The Beast discovered ​that Awake and Asleep helped them give their best performances over a 5-week run. ​​Six weeks of 8-hour days of rehearsals were followed by ​eight 2.5-hour performances per week. That's a lot of energy and focus they needed!

These products have improved my life drastically


I am currently working on the hit show, Beauty and the Beast. I have been using Awake and Asleep for the past few days and I have never felt better. As someone who has always had trouble falling asleep and feeling sluggish in the morning these products have improved my life drastically. I am able to wake up in the morning and have the energy to accomplish all the things in my day, and in the evening I am able to sleep through the night and feel so very rested upon waking.

Alison Roberts Actor, singer, dancer

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​The latest research says: it works!

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​​At 60 years old, I​ feel better than ever!

​​I'm a grandmother with a passion for ​living well and a bit of an obsession with running. I hope you will join me on your journey to lifelong wellness and success in what ever you are studying for. What ever your journey, you only have one body and, in my experience, if you look after that, the rest is just details.

Yours in good health,

Dr Pushpa Chandra